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Director, Japan Perspective News Inc.

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Abe Fellowship for Journalists 2014
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Director, Japan Perspective News Inc.
Towards Building a Consensus in a Democratic Society - Policy-making to Support Disaster Survivors in the Context of Nuclear Uncertainty

In my research project of "Towards Building a Consensus in a Democratic Society - Policymaking to Support Disaster Survivors in the Context of Nuclear Uncertainty", under the comparable, universal, contemporaneous and critical view points, I will focus my research on policy-building situations in the aftermath of nuclear disasters in the world, focusing on surveying the situation of the nuclear and radioactive disaster and resiliency policy at Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Three Mile Island, Nevada National Security Site and the Marshall Islands. As more than 3.5 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) accident, where I was born, bred and currently reside in Fukushima, Japan, where the situation after the disaster is still remains tough with over 130,000 people still unable to go back to their homeland and continue to face difficulties in rebuilding their lives in evacuation. Additionally, the national government of Japan (GoJ), and our local, and municipal Fukushima governments are still confronted with big issues in creating policies as solutions toward rebuilding their economy, healthcare and environmental contamination. Through my research project, I would like to explore various aspects about how people in America had engaged in and overcome their nuclear disaster situations. Additionally, I would like to analyze how various stakeholders harmonize their consensus to build and maintain new policies, including resilience and recovery policies. Upon completion, I am convinced that my research results will be reflected toward a brighter future in Fukushima and in Japan's resiliency policy building.