Current Institutional Affiliation
Correspondent, European General Bureau, The Manichi Shimbun

Mikako Yokoyama received her B.A in Sociology from Hosei
University  in Tokyo and has been a Staff
Writer in The Manichi Newspapers Business News Department since 2004. Currently
she covers Japanese Economic Organizations like Keidanren, however in the past
she’s covered the Bank and Stock Market; Ministry of Finance; and the Ministry
of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Recently,Yokoyama published
a co-write “AIが変えるお金の未来(AI Will Change Our Future of Money)” in Bunshun shinsho.


Award Information

Abe Fellowship for Journalists 2018
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Staff Writer, Business News Department, The Manichi Papers
We are Rated and Reconstructed by Big Data: Enjoying Convenience and Running Risks in Data Society, Considering the Current Field in the U.S

Now, it's a data society for progress of ICT and AI.We can receive convenient service that like E-commerce,SNS,health management,etc.It's makes it possible to buy everything everywhere and connect people all over the world and get down our medical cost.It's good movement. But on the other hand,it includes many risk about personal data that is ME itself.When we want to receive convenient service, we have to expose our personal data to company.It's not only name and address,but also what kind of things you bought before,what kind of friends that you have,what kind of health problem that you have in the future.And exposed personal data leave US, then bundle company and company.After that many personal data make to reconstruct US.It begin to get influence about value of people, finance,work,education.So now the time we think about data society balance of convenience and risk.Data cross the border,but don't progress making international rule.I research in US that developed country of data use,then think and report about necessity of international rule making.