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Abe Fellowship for Journalists 2010
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Journalist, Globe Team, Asahi Shimbun
US-India Nuclear Cooperation and its Influence on the World Nuclear Non-proliferation Regime (primarily on Pakistan, China and Japan)

The purpose of my research is to study about the US-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement and its influence on the world nuclear non-proliferation regime and other countries, primarily Pakistan, China and Japan. I have been studying on this theme for last five years. I would like to research further more various aspects of this theme, as a policy-oriented research of security and diplomacy, encouraged by the Abe Fellowship. The points of analysis are as below; (1) Background and policy making process: In the US-India Nuclear Cooperation, agreed in 2008, the US exempted India from its rules banning nuclear technology exports to non-NPT nations. ・Interviewing with the US scholars, politicians, government officers and analyzing documents, I want to verify this policy making process. (2) Influence: It creates new risks for global security. Pakistan demands the same treatment as India, although Pakistan is alleged of transactions of nuclear technology with North Korea, Iran and Libya. Pakistan also expands its nuclear capability assisted by China. ・What do American specialists think of these points? (3) Japan, what to do?: The most controversial for the India-Japan nuclear cooperation is whether to mention nuclear testing in the agreement. Japan requires more strict stipulation because India is not a member of NPT or CTBT. ・I want to know how US specialists see India’s future direction as a nuclear power . ・How should Japan think about nuclear cooperation? In line with these points, I want to conduct this research in Washington and New York.