Current Institutional Affiliation
Project Research Associate, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo

Setsuko Kamiya is a PhD student at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo. She is a former deputy editor and reporter for The Japan Times. 

Award Information

Abe Fellowship for Journalists 2009
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Staff Writer, Domestic News Division, The Japan Times
Law-Related Education in the United States and the Roles of Legal Professionals and Citizens

I wish to conduct research on the American “law-related education” which is aimed at educating the general populace about the law, the justice system and citizenship, to develop people’s sense of civic responsibility.  Legal professionals in the United States are putting a great amount of effort in developing, managing and promoting such public education with the belief that it will help strengthen their constitutional democracy. Law-related education is a very new field in Japan, but it is gaining more importance amid the ongoing judicial reform to improve the quality and quantity of the legal system and make it more familiar to the public. In such environment, I am keen on enhancing my understanding of the philosophy of law-related education in the U.S. as well as appreciating the opinions of lawyers and judges who commit themselves in actualizing this significant task while cooperating with teachers and others in the community. At the same time, I am curious in the challenges they face as they run the programs. While perform a series of interviews to legal professionals and experts, educators and non-profit organization groups, I will also observe some of the examples of the program that are offered for school children from elementary to high schools.