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Abe Fellowship for Journalists 2010
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Writer, Freelance Writer
Japan's Eco-Model Cities: What Can We Learn From Them?

Japan is a world leader in renewable energy, in large part because it is an island nation that must import most of its fossil fuel. It is consequently facing the reality of peak oil and climate change in a way from which the rest of the world -- and particularly the United States -- can learn. I intend to visit four of Japan’s “model eco-cities,” as well as Tokyo, to investigate progress in solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and geothermal, as well as conservation measures, encouragement of walking, biking, electric cars, and cooperative community efforts. The article I publish will also contribute to the content of a book, "2084: Will Oil Depletion, Climate Change, and Population Growth Lead to a Planetary Disaster or a New Way to Live?"