As the Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare, public health crises are profoundly shaped by social, political, economic, and cultural processes, and vice versa. Building bridges between the social and natural sciences, researchers and practitioners, and world regions, our programs investigate the global and local effects of pressing issues such as disease outbreaks and public health misinformation. We support innovative, collaborative scholarship that crosses traditional professional, geographic, and intellectual boundaries and lays the groundwork to advance health outcomes, reduce inequalities, and develop effective policies across the world.

How We Work

Advancing Research

We mobilize scholars to address the major public issues of our time, providing them with the tools to examine disparities and trajectories in public health, well-being, and development, and support researchers to apply their knowledge to timely concerns such as the spread of health misinformation and waning public confidence in science-based health recommendations.

Connecting Scholars

We bridge scholarly borders by developing interdisciplinary networks of researchers and transcend academic boundaries by fostering partnerships between medical and public health professionals and social scientists.

Finding Answers

We promote work that addresses critical issues affecting populations across the globe, such as the challenges nations face dealing with pandemic-related health crises, and research that informs and engages with the social and political dimensions of public health crises.

Programs & Projects

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In partnership with the National Science Foundation, the SSRC invites proposals for research that advances scientific knowledge about the impact of public health information on the health and well-being of …