Inequality—both in society at large and within the academy itself—remains an urgent issue. Council programs bring innovative social science analysis to bear on our understanding of the roots and consequences of unequal participation in political, economic, and social systems across the globe. By supporting programs that create a diverse pipeline of researchers, we help ensure that tomorrow’s scholars will seek answers to previously unasked questions and better address key issues facing marginalized and underserved communities.

How We Work

Advancing Research

We facilitate scholarship that examines the historical roots and present-day manifestations of inequality. We uncover gaps in well-being across different groups and geographies and promote research that offers a blueprint for turning insights into action.

Supporting Scholars

We provide pathways for scholars to further their research into issues of inequality, diversity, and access to opportunity. We address issues of bias and equity within the world of higher education and research, with the aim of building more diverse and representative research communities.

Facilitating Social Change

We mobilize scholars and decision-makers to examine how society and institutions should address major forms of inequality at local, national, and global scales. We seek to address issues of inequality and lack of diversity within higher education by providing opportunities to scholars from under-represented backgrounds.

Programs & Projects