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Youth Disconnection

Since 2011, Measure of America has calculated annual estimates of youth disconnection—young people ages 16 to 24 who are both out of work and out of school. Disparities by race and ethnicity, by gender, and by place reveal stark differences in the young people’s access to opportunity in America.


In pursuit of broader public understanding and a public interest internet, MediaWell collects and synthesizes research on how to mitigate false, misleading, or hateful narratives online, build resilient democratic institutions, and empower communities to inform themselves.

InterAsian Connections V: Seoul (2016)

Overview InterAsian Connections V: Seoul, the fifth in this international conference series, was held April 27-30, 2016, in Korea, at the Seoul National University Asia Center. This series continues to showcase innovative research from across the social sciences and related disciplines and explore themes that transform conventional understandings of Asia. Crossing traditional area studies boundaries and creating international and interdisciplinary networks of scholars working to theorize the intersection of the “global” and the “regional” in a variety of contexts, the conference aimed to reconceptualize Asia as a dynamic and interconnected historical, geographical, and cultural formation stretching from West Asia through …

InterAsian Connections Nodal Activities

In addition to jointly planned core activities—such as the InterAsian Connections Conference Series and the Transregional Virtual Research Institute—InterAsia partners are developing a series of research and training activities that will be hosted by individual partner institutions. Building on the institutional strengths of the partners, these activities are designed to further the larger aims of the initiative and support innovative cross- and transregional scholarship, as well as to facilitate a range of structured interactions, engaging with particular communities around specific thematic issues. Duke University Global Asia Initiative Global and Transregional Studies Platform at the University of Göttingen Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities …

The Inaugural Democracy Papers

The Inaugural Democracy Papers were produced as part of the planning process for the Anxieties of Democracy program at the Social Science Research Council. The authors are leading scholars of democracy, both in the United States and abroad. Several of the authors are now members of Anxieties of Democracy working groups and advisory committee.

Call for Papers: DSD Working Paper Series

O Programa Drogas, Segurança e Democracia (DSD) do Social Science Research Council apoia pesquisas sobre drogas na América Latina e no Caribe com o propósito de produzir conhecimento baseado em evidência para contribuir com a formulação de políticas públicas sobre drogas na região e no mundo.

Anxieties of Democracy Cambridge University Press Book Series

The Anxieties of Democracy program is collaborating with Cambridge University Press to publish a series of edited volumes. The Anxieties of Democracy series features work from scholars involved in the program’s working groups and partnerships, and covers topics ranging from the performance of American governing institutions to the politics of economic insecurity.

DSD Working Papers on Research Security

Over the last generation, activists, journalists, and researchers working in Latin America have increasingly faced the challenge of operating in areas affected by chronic police and non-state violence.

The Drug Research Papers

How can research help inform better drug policies? The Drugs, Security and Democracy (DSD) Program has sought to answer this question since its inception. Based on a firm belief that the development of alternatives to present-day drug policies should be deeply rooted in evidence, the DSD Program has so far supported around eighty research projects

Uncertainty in Extreme Weather Events

This project brings together experts and practitioners from across the social and natural sciences to examine how further social science research can enrich our understanding of context, communication, and social dynamics that ultimately impact decision-making and behavior during extreme weather events.