The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) and the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) collaborated to launch the Abe Fellowship Program in 1991, and have awarded fellowships to 447 researchers, practitioners, and journalists to date. This program has produced excellent and impactful policy research on a wide range of topics, including diplomacy and security, international economics, and social issues such as the environment, aging, and urbanization; it also has created an international network centered on Japan and the U.S., which has resulted in many additional fruitful outcomes and collaborations. We are proud that this program has achieved the purpose for which it was established: to support key individuals who can contribute to solving pressing global issues, and to connect them to each other in a vibrant network.

Interest rates in Japan have remained low for a prolonged period of time, and as a result, the financial situation of CGP, which is funded by the investment return of the endowment, has become progressively more challenging over the past 30 years, making it extremely difficult to maintain the program on its current scale and in its current format. Therefore, CGP and SSRC will no longer be accepting new applications.

Throughout 2022, CGP and the SSRC will work together to ensure that the legacy of this program, the exceptional network of Abe Fellows, will have opportunities to form international collaborations in the future.

March 2022

The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP)
Social Science Research Council (SSRC)