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Why has climate change been so difficult to address through democratic institutions and processes? What are the consequences of climate change for political processes and outcomes? The Anxieties of Democracy program’s Working Group on Climate Change seeks to make the study of climate change a distinct and recognized area of study in the social sciences.

The group’s members do this by seeding climate change-oriented research agendas in their respective fields of expertise. The group’s initiatives include convening conferences with leading as well as emerging scholars, initiating research programs, and training young researchers on the subject of climate change.

In November 2017, the group published a series of three state-of-the-field reports that jointly set a political science research agenda for climate change. A short introduction to the reports also appeared in the Democracy Papers.

The group is chaired by Professor Robert O. Keohane and Professor Nancy Rosenblum.

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Working Group Co-chairs

Robert O. Keohane
Professor of International Affairs, Princeton University

Nancy Rosenblum
Senator Joseph Clark Professor of Ethics in Politics and Government, Emerita, Harvard University

Current Members

Scott Barrett (Columbia University), Bruce Cain (Stanford University), Jessica Green (University of Toronto), Solomon Hsiang (University of California, Berkeley), Sikina Jinnah (University of California, Santa Cruz), David M. Konisky (Indiana University, Bloomington), Melissa Lane (Princeton University), Douglas McAdam (Stanford University), Michael Oppenheimer (Princeton University), Naomi Oreskes (Harvard University), Aseem Prakash (University of Washington), Michael L. Ross (University of California, Los Angeles), Leah Stokes (University of California, Santa Barbara), Dustin Tingley (Harvard University), Elke Weber (Princeton University)

The following contributors have also supported the mission of the working group:
James B. Ang (Nanyang Technological University), Michaël Aklin (University of Pittsburgh), Meir Alkon (Princeton University), Eric Beerbohm (Harvard University), Hilary Boudet (Oregon State University), Y.-H. Henry Chen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Deborah Coen (Yale University), Patrick J. Egan (New York University), Per G. Fredriksson (University of Louisville), Michael Greenstone (University of Chicago), Jennifer Hadden (University of Maryland), Henry Jacoby (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), David Kanter (New York University), Robert E. Kopp (Rutgers University), Ezra Markowitz (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), John Marshall (Columbia University), John McNeill (Georgetown University), Alison E.J. McQueen (Stanford University), Matto Mildenberger (University of California, Santa Barbara), Megan Mullin (Duke University), Victoria Murillo (Columbia University), Rachael Shwom (Rutgers University), Leah Stokes (University of California, Santa Barbara), Johannes Urpelainen (Johns Hopkins University), Audrye Wong (Princeton University)