It is widely acknowledged that the relationship between development, environment and health is multidirectional and dynamic, and that professionals and citizens need an understanding of these issues that goes beyond the confines of disciplinary-based learning. Yet, an interdisciplinary approach remains the exception rather than the norm.

Building on its network of experts, FORHEAD is promoting the introduction of an interdisciplinary perspective on health, environment, and development into higher education and training programs and strengthening capacity within institutions for ongoing collaboration and innovation.

FORHEAD seeks to

  1. create curriculum materials, tailored to the Chinese context, which can be adapted for use in a variety of university-level courses relating to environment, health and development;
  2. develop cross-disciplinary networks of faculty and staff within and across institutions of higher education that can provide a basis for ongoing sharing of teaching materials and experience, and the development of innovative, locally-grounded approaches to environment and health problems; and
  3. encourage collaborations between universities and local communities to respond to local environment and health problems.

The Faculty and Curriculum Development for Environment, Health and Development in China Project is supported by the United Board.