Drought after flood in soy bean field with cracked land and damaged plants


CPPF’s growing work on environment and conflict provides the UN with external expertise in the mapping of hotspots and priority areas, helps the UN better integrate environment and climate change into its prevention programming and planning, and promotes coherence and collaboration across the UN system to fill gaps and address overlaps in the UN’s environmental security initiatives. 

Increasingly, member states and UN secretariats recognize that climate risks require robust policies that seek to understand, reduce, and address the scope and scale of climate change vulnerability shocks in the UN’s peace and security activities and operations. This has been reflected in institutional changes within the UN, notably through the establishment of the Climate Security Mechanism, which CPPF has helped support with analytic inputs, particularly from the Global South. CPPF’s work on climate security includes periodic, commissioned surveys of scientific literature on the connection between environmental factors and conflict, and external reviews of current organizational frameworks.