11/07/2017. Moscow, Russia. Statue of ancient Greek Titaness - Themis on a flag of United Nations. Judge's gavel in the background.


Human rights protection is a cross-cutting theme in all of CPPF’s work, ranging from targeted sessions on human rights and democratization throughout CPPF’s workshops and country deep-dives, to including the diverse perspectives of civil society organizations and human rights practitioners in all activities. CPPF has also worked with a number of UN agencies and departments, including the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), to bring together experts, academics, and human rights advocates around a shared analysis of human rights issues.

Recent CPPF programmatic activity includes facilitating a deeper understanding of the impact that various types of sanctions (multilateral, unilateral, counter-terrorism motivated, “smart”/ targeted sanctions) have on human rights conditions—particularly their impact on the economic, social, and cultural rights of the populations in the targeted countries. The aim of this work has been to bridge the gap between the many sides of these debates, and to provide a better understanding of the geopolitical context, design, implementation, and human rights implications of sanctions processes.

Current Projects:
Sanctions and Human Rights: CPPF is continuing its discussions with OHCHR regarding a possible workshop to discuss the findings of the CPPF report on assessing the impact of sanctions on human rights.