Architecture of the Old Town of Sana'a, Yemen. UNESCO World heritage


In the decade since the Arab Uprisings, CPPF has expanded its MENA programming, including convening an annual forum of UN Resident Coordinators (RCs) that brings together over 15 heads of UN field presences across the region to exchange with experts on and from the region. The MENA RC Forum, now in its 7th year, increases system-wide coherence and collaboration, and strengthens the coordination role of the RCs. In addition to the annual forum, CPPF works on a number of country-specific issues including Libya, Lebanon, and Palestine, as well as cross-cutting regional thematic issues such as women’s political participation, climate change and water resources, migrant labor and Covid-19, and forced displacement.

Current Projects:
9th MENA RC Forum 2023: CPPF has begun planning for the 2023 MENA RC Forum, which we hope to hold in Geneva, Switzerland.
MENA IATF: CPPF is in discussion with DPPA-DPO to organize an expert workshop on energy transition in the MENA region as part of its ongoing work with the Inter-agency Task Force (IATF) on Climate Change, Peace, and Security in the MENA region.