The principal aim of the Cuba Program is to extend and broaden scholarly relations between Cuba and the United States. Since the program began in 1997, we have organized travel by researchers to and from Cuba, enabled the translation or publication of scholarly works by Cuban researchers, and assisted Cuban libraries, archives, and museums in developing and maintaining resources for scholarly access. Through our efforts, we have helped create networks of collaboration between Cuban researchers and their counterparts abroad and have strengthened the capacity of Cuban scholars and institutions to do their  work.

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Essay Collection
Change In Cuba
Calhoun, Craig Jackson (Contributor), Centeno, Miguel (Contributor), Fernandes, Sujatha (Contributor), Hershberg, Eric (Contributor), Noriega, Armando Chaguaceda (Contributor), Perez Jr, Louis A. (Contributor), Perez, Lisandro O. (Contributor) and Valdes, Nelson P (Contributor)