The SSRC’s InterAsia Program, launched in 2008, challenges the implications and limitations of the Asia construct by promoting frameworks and concepts for a new generation of scholarship that reconceptualizes Asia as a dynamic and interconnected formation spanning Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East (including Turkey), and Russia. Through collaborative research, scholarly networking, and public policy connections, we move beyond the territorial fixities of area-studies research without discounting the importance of contextually grounded, place-based knowledge. 

A grants program for junior scholars carries this new paradigm forward. Thematic emphases, while evolving, have included religious networks, old histories / new geographies, migration and circulation, security and insecurity, and transformations in a rapidly globalizing world.

In 2009, the Council began working with multiple national and institutional partners, the InterAsia Partnership, to actively reshape research on InterAsia. Core activities of the InterAsia Partnership include the InterAsian Connections Conference Series, a Transregional Virtual Research Institute, and various nodal activities that build on the institutional strengths of each partner.

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