The international InterAsian Connections Conference Series is the cornerstone of the InterAsia Partnership and of the overall InterAsia Program. The Council launched the series with an inaugural conference in Dubai in 2008 and has since worked in collaboration with multiple partner institutions to organize five additional conferences in Singapore (2010), Hong Kong (2012), Istanbul (2013), Seoul (2016) and Hanoi (2018). To date, the conference series has included more than six hundred and fifty scholars.

The conference series showcases innovative research from across the social sciences and related disciplines and explores themes that transform conventional understandings of Asia. This series aims to cross traditional area studies boundaries and create international and interdisciplinary networks of scholars working to theorize the intersection of the “global” and the “regional” in a variety of contexts. The conferences—comprised of smaller, director-led thematic workshops and open, plenary sessions—are structured to enable intensive “working group” interactions on specific research themes as well as broader interactions on topics of mutual interest and concern.