With the generous support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Sloan Scholars Mentoring Network is pleased to announce our annual grant competition. Our 2022 grant competition aims to address some of the unique challenges posed to researchers during this unprecedented time. In recognition of the uncertainty facing academics and the flexibility that may be required on the part of grantors, the SSMN grant guidelines have been adapted with these considerations in mind. Please see the new guidelines below. 

Two grants are available for: mentoring/career development opportunities, and seed funding. These grants are only open to PhD graduates of the Sloan Minority PhD Program (Sloan Scholar PhDs). If you believe you are a Sloan Scholar but have not received communication from our program, please fill out this form to confirm your status. Please read the guidelines below carefully, as they have changed. Award amounts have also changed (see below).

The application will close May 1, 2022.

The following guidelines refer to both grant opportunities:

  • Applicants must be PhD graduates in academic tenure-track positions or intend to pursue such positions in the near future (see specifics below)
  • Accepted applications may take five to six weeks to process
  • All grant winners will be required to submit final reports, including expense reports, and commit to completing one SSMN related activity (TBD)
  • Grantees will be allowed longer and flexible grant periods, if needed at the time of application and/or if it becomes necessary after the initial disbursement.
  • Sloan Scholar PhDs may only receive one SSMN grant per calendar year. 
  • Applicants may apply in both grant categories, but may receive only one grant.
  • Grants may not be subject to indirect and/or overhead costs, regardless of the method of disbursement. A letter stating this official policy can be provided to grantees’ institutions upon request.

Helpful Resources:

Mentoring/Career Development Grant (up to $5,000)

  • This grant supports:
    • future travel to another lab or institution that allows the Sloan Scholar PhD to gain access to specific training and/or equipment that supports the Scholar’s career advancement
    • sponsoring a mentor’s travel to the applicant’s home institution, or the applicant’s travel as a mentor
    • other arrangements will be considered
  • Supports travel to/from the research site, accommodations, visiting administrative fees, research supplies, and other associated expenses
  • Applications with Sloan Scholar PhDs in both roles will be given preference. See our private Sloan Scholar PhD database to search by institution, discipline, and name.
  • A completed plan from either a mentor or mentee is necessary to complete the application. If the applicant is the mentee, the mentoring plan must be submitted by their mentor (“Mentoring Plan for Mentors”). If the applicant is the mentor, the mentoring plan must be submitted by their mentee (“Mentoring Plan for Mentees”). The mentoring plan should be consistent with application and reflect agreement from both parties.
  • Tenure-track and mid-career professors are highly encouraged to apply for this grant to allow them the resources and skills to advance their research programs in new directions. A letter of support from a peer at the visiting institution (in the host department) would replace the mentoring plan above in this case.
  • Applicants must be on an academic track en route to tenure or tenured. This includes assistant, associate, and full professors, as well as postdoctoral scholars at academic institutions and others seeking to enter the tenure-track academic job market.

Seed Grant (up to $10,000)

  • This grant provides start-up funds for new research
  • Supports:
    • research expenses, including equipment, supplies, and student salary
    • expenses that allow the grantee to dedicate more of their time to research–ex. course buyouts and childcare or caretaker expenses
    • this grant does not support faculty salary
  • Applicants should detail how the research will be used to support and leverage other funding opportunities
  • Applicants must be tenure-track assistant professors, tenured associate professors, or full professors

Application Process

Each grant application will require the following documents in addition to a standard application form, curriculum vitae, and an up-to-date profile on the website:

1) a one-page proposal cover sheet
2) a one-page narrative on stated need and potential impact of the grant on the applicant’s career advancement
3) a budget estimate
4) for mentor/mentee grant only, a mentoring plan (see sidebar)

Details on document formatting is available in the sidebar. Apply here. To log into the application, use your SSMN website profile log-in.

Grant applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on May 1st.

Questions? Contact program staff.