Double exposure of abstract digital world map hologram on Chinese flag and city background, big data and blockchain concept


China’s economic and geopolitical rise over the last two decades has included a growing presence and influence across the globe, not least in the Global South, where it is an important investor across multiple sectors. The UVC and CPPF, through a decade of activities, is a leading node for a growing, yet fragmented interest in China’s engagement with the world.

The China and the Global South initiative aims to develop research capacity about China in the Global South and connect institutions and researchers producing knowledge on China in a global network. It is building capacity for knowledge generation and dissemination on China in the Global South by supporting research institutions, linking them to each other in an international network, and giving locally-produced knowledge a greater voice in global academic and policy conversations. In particular, the project will work with “impact hubs” for China studies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and convene research institutions to initiate cross-institutional and cross-regional networks.