Reports & Working Papers

Utilizing diverse forms ranging from conferences and public events to research briefs, policy reports, and digital forums, the Council seeks to deepen the comprehension of social science by journalists, policymakers, practitioners, and citizens. By sharing clearly stated research findings freely and without barriers, we work to expand access to the knowledge that can support more peaceful, just, healthy, and prosperous societies.
A Disrupted Year: How the Arrival of Covid-19 Affected Youth Disconnection

On the eve of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of teens and young adults disconnected from both work and school in the United States was lower than it had been …

A Decade of Arab Upheaval 2011-2021
Toward People’s Community Control of Technology: Race, Access, and Education

This field review explores how the benefits of access to computing for racialized and minoritized communities has become an accepted fact in policy and research, despite decades of evidence that …

Essay Forums

To showcase both the Council’s work and that of the broader social sciences, our forums publish essays from scholars from all over the world and representing a variety of disciplines. The essays examine both innovative research and up-and-coming disciplinary approaches, as well as contribute to ongoing academic and public discourses.

A space for engagement with insights from the work of the Council and the social sciences.

The Immanent Frame

Publishes interdisciplinary perspectives on religion, secularism, and the public sphere.

Kujenga Amani

Facilitates the exchange of ideas about diverse aspects of peacebuilding in Africa.

Essay Collections

In exploring particular themes or areas of study, the Council’s forums convene specialized scholars to bring together diverse viewpoints and approaches. These collections, special issues, and exchanges delve into contemporary issues and expand disciplinary discussions.
Out There: Perspectives on the Study of Black Metaphysical Religion

This forum explores religious histories and spiritual practices that have been left out of representative accounts of Black life.

Crisis and Collaboration across the Indian Ocean

Researchers from across the Indian Ocean region reflect on their collaborative processes through multiple crises.

Africa Union (AU) – European Union (EU) Partnership

From Our Fellows

Supporting more than 900 individual scholars each year, the Council’s fellowships and grants fund innovative, impactful research engaging with themes ranging from the state of democracy in the US and security in Africa and Latin America to the long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Explore insights and emerging research in the social sciences from SSRC fellows and grantees.

Just Tech

The Just Tech Platform is a dynamic digital resource that aggregates, curates, and distills research-based insight about the relationship between technological development, inequity, and social justice. Through agenda-setting field reviews, essays, interviews, and researcher profiles, Just Tech engages a field of research and practice with the goal of advancing critical inquiry at the nexus of technology and social justice.
Who’s in Charge? Information Technology and Disability Justice in the United States

Disabled people in the United States are surrounded, defined, and, to some degree, controlled by data, technology, and information—from medical technology and therapies to educational systems to social and government …

Examining Violence and Black Grief on Social Media: An Interview with Desmond Upton Patton
If We Save It—What Will Come?