Advancing Research

We support research that keeps pace with the speed at which information technologies affect society and politics. We cultivate new fields of inquiry that push the knowledge frontier, because the social and political impact of media and technology needs to be understood both on its own terms and in relation to a range of social forces that shape the health of democracies and the nature of inequalities.

Connecting Scholars

We bridge the boundaries of disciplines and methods, bringing together experts on digital culture with leading-edge thinkers on political engagement and institutions. We convene leaders from academia, government, philanthropy, and business to grasp the complex ways that communication technology and politics shape each other.

Communicating Knowledge

We bring research to a broader audience, using diverse approaches to knowledge dissemination—from digital resource platforms to public lectures and op-eds. We equip researchers, educators, policymakers, and citizens with the tools needed to intelligently engage the evolving information landscape.

Our Work