Human rights

Call for Papers: DSD Working Paper Series

O Programa Drogas, Segurança e Democracia (DSD) do Social Science Research Council apoia pesquisas sobre drogas na América Latina e no Caribe com o propósito de produzir conhecimento baseado em evidência para contribuir com a formulação de políticas públicas sobre drogas na região e no mundo.

Understanding Violent Conflict

The Understanding Violent Conflict program is a series of research collaborations with institutions in Africa and the Middle East, Europe, and Asia intended to expand scholarship on violent conflict around the world.

Measure of America

Measure of America promotes fact-based public debate about well-being and access to opportunity in the United States, focusing on three issues Americans care deeply about: health, education, and standard of living.

Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum

The Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum mobilizes necessary knowledge to support the analytic capacity of the United Nations system and strengthen its understanding of conflicts: their causes, dynamics, and possible solutions.