Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have been areas of continued engagement for CPPF. CPPF has worked on Colombia and the Andean region for almost two decades, with Central America—specifically the Northern Triangle—a more recent priority. To ensure inclusive participation from the region, CPPF’s LAC programming is conducted primarily in Spanish with written reports produced both in Spanish and English. CPPF has also devoted time to working on Cuba and the English-Speaking Caribbean. CPPF works alongside the UN on cross-cutting challenges facing the region today, including the war on drugs, food insecurity, and political corruption.

Current Projects:
Guatemala: CPPF is continuing its series of meetings with Guatemalan civil society that reflect on the current state of the rule of law in the country.
Nicaragua: CPPF is in discussion with DPPA regarding convening a workshop on recent developments in Nicaragua.
Regional Exchange of Women Peacebuilders: CPPF is in discussion with DPPA regarding supporting a regional exchange of women peacebuilders in Mexico.
Regional Peace and Development Advisers (PDA) Retreat: CPPF is in discussion with the UN regarding supporting the upcoming Latin America and the Caribbean PDA retreat, which will feature women, peace, and security as a cross-cutting topic and area of work for PDAs in the region.