The CSWEP-SSRC Women in Economics Research Consortium invites proposals to rigorously evaluate potentially scalable interventions designed to increase the numbers and success of women in the economics profession. We particularly encourage proposals that involve collaborations with implementing partners on college and university campuses. We also encourage replications of previously evaluated interventions, especially replications that evaluate the scalability and external validity of previously evaluated interventions. Projects may begin as early as September 2023 and have timelines of up to 18 months. (No-cost extensions will be available to enable longer periods of observation). Budgets should not exceed $200,000 in total costs, with indirect costs not exceeding a total of 10% of direct costs.

Applicant teams will be asked to include the following in their proposals:

  • Project description (maximum 6 single-spaced pages)
    • Clearly stated causal identification strategy (quasi-experimental or experimental), description of intervention design, specification of outcomes of interest, discussion of potential causal mechanisms, project timeline;
    • Proposed sample sizes and power analyses;
    • Evidence suggesting that the intervention could scale to multiple campuses, e.g., low unit costs, decreasing marginal costs, a simple intervention design easily replicable in different contexts, and/or an intervention design developed in partnership with university, disciplinary, and/or departmental leaders;
    • Commitment to posting a pre-analysis plan and to sharing of de-identified data and cleaning/analysis code;
    • Consideration of the ethical dimensions of the proposed project
  • Letters of collaboration from implementing partners
  • Budget and budget narrative

Proposals will be reviewed by external reviewers chosen in consultation with CSWEP leadership. Proposals will be reviewed and award decisions will be made on a rolling basis; applicants are encouraged to submit proposals earlier rather than later.

Funded investigators and research teams will become members of the CSWEP-SSRC Women in Economics Research Consortium. CSWEP and SSRC will work with consortium members to ensure the widespread dissemination of findings to university, disciplinary, and departmental leaders. Consortium members will be expected to present preliminary findings at an in-person convening of university leaders from the SSRC’s College and University Fund for the Social Sciences, tentatively scheduled to be held in the fall of 2024. Consortium members will also be invited to participate in CSWEP panels organized at AEA conferences, and to contribute to other communication and dissemination initiatives.