Program Type: Fellowship

Request for Letters of Interest: SSRC Arts Research with Communities of Color (ARCC) Fellowship

The Social Science Research Council invites letters of interest from early-career researchers for year-long fellowships to conduct qualitative studies of arts organizations founded by and for communities of color in the United States. These fellowships will form part of the SSRC’s recently-launched Arts Research with Communities of Color (ARCC) program and the Wallace Foundation’s latest initiative in the arts.  Background This year, the SSRC established the Arts Research with Communities of Color program, an initiative devoted to exploring how social science research can contribute to a thriving and more equitable arts field through empirical research, theory building, and analysis, and …

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship

The SSRC/JSPS Fellowship Program for ABDs and Recent PhDs provides promising and highly qualified researchers with opportunities to conduct research at leading universities and other research institutions in Japan for 1-12 month or 12-24 month terms.

Korean Studies Workshop for Junior Faculty

The SSRC Korean Studies Workshop for Junior Faculty supports up to six recent PhDs conducting research on Korea will be selected on the basis of the potential contribution of their proposed book.

Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop

The SSRC Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop seeks to create a sustained network of advanced graduate students and faculty by providing the opportunity to give and receive critical feedback on dissertations in progress.

Just Tech Fellowship

The Just Tech Fellowship supports and mobilizes diverse and cross-sector cohorts of researchers and practitioners to imagine and create more just, equitable, and representative technological futures.

SSRC/NEH Sustaining Humanities Infrastructure Program (SHIP)

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a wide-ranging impact across the humanities sector, affecting staffing, programs, project infrastructure, and institutions that are essential to maintaining the advancement of humanities knowledge in communities across the country.

Transregional Collaborative Research Grants

The Social Science Research Council’s Transregional Collaboratory on the Indian Ocean was established in 2019, with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, to catalyze research into the intersections of social and environmental change in the region.

Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Post-Doctoral Writing Fellowship

The dissertation-based writing fellowship enables the recipient to buy time off from teaching and administrative duties to focus exclusively on finalizing an article for a peer-reviewed journal or completing a book manuscript based on a Next Gen-supported doctoral dissertation that advances research on peace, security, and development. This fellowship is exclusively available for Next Gen alumni.

Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship

The doctoral dissertation research fellowship supports 6-12 months of dissertation research costs of up to US$15,000 on a topic related to peace, security, and development. This program also offers two workshops each year to help fellows to further develop and strengthen their research, engage key literature in their fields, embark on fieldwork-based research, and develop their capacity for scholarly writing, including academic publications.