Today’s intractable violent conflicts are networked and complex. The Understanding Violent Conflict (UVC) Initiative aims to strengthen the evidence base of international conflict and development studies through an interdisciplinary approach to better understanding the complexities of violent conflict. This initiative, in partnership with institutions in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, will deliver experience-based findings from hard-to-access research sites in Central Africa, the Horn of Africa, Syria, and Iraq, and conflict perspectives that are often hidden from the view of international development practitioners.

Building upon a number of recent research projects on international peace and security at the SSRC, the launch of the UVC Initiative adds to the Council’s rich history of connecting disciplines and methods, and developing new ways to inquire, expand, and integrate the craft of social science. Research conducted on political economies of war, forced displacement and return, armed groups, justice and security, and public authority in Central Africa, the Horn of Africa, and the Middle East will involve networks of international and national researchers and local beneficiaries at each stage of the research process.

In addition, this new initiative will further innovate and refine methods of field research in conflict-affected settings and develop a major international fellowship program on conflict research.

Program Components


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