Where We Work

Middle East and North Africa

In the decade since the Arab Uprisings, CPPF has expanded its MENA programming, including convening an annual forum of UN Resident Coordinators (RCs) that brings together over 15 heads of UN field presences across the region to exchange with experts on and from the region.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have been areas of continued engagement for CPPF. CPPF has worked on Colombia and the Andean region for almost two decades, with Central America—specifically the Northern Triangle—a more recent priority.

Europe and Central Asia

Mediterranean as a resource and market for natural gas and energy-security cooperation has grown since the discovery of large-scale natural gas deposits. In response, CPPF activities aim to help inform a greater understanding of the multidimensional dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean, which, given the region’s geographic positioning, cut across multiple UN regional divisions and field presences.

Asia and the Pacific

CPPF has established a strong body of work and expert networks on Myanmar and on issues related to the South China Sea. CPPF’s work on Myanmar continues to focus on a range of issues such as human rights violations, democratization processes, and media freedoms.


The Great Lakes, Central Africa, and the Horn of Africa have been a longstanding focus of CPPF programming, given the organization’s deep knowledge and experience, and the breadth of UN investments in these areas. CPPF has supported the development of regional strategies in these regions and the good offices of various UN Special Envoys.